Save Money when Parking at Malaga Airport

We can save you money by pre-booking your Airport Parking at Malaga Airport. Book online now for real time availability and prices at Malaga Airport.

Malaga Airport Parking Quote

Using our website, it is both simple and secure. Enter your travel dates and we will quickly check availability and prices for you. All prices quoted are real and you can book online and pay later.

Or, if you prefer, simply call us to book via telephone.

On Airport Parking

Some car parks are miles away from Malaga, not ours! We are at the terminal and can get you to departures in less than 5 mins.

Why Pre-book your airport parking?

Simple… most airports have 2 parking rates:

  1. Pre-book Rate, where you book before your departure.
  2. Turn-up Rate, where you turn up and pay on the day.

Our pre-book rate can be as much as 50% cheaper than other car parks turn up rate.

Best of all, by pre-booking with us you can guarantee your car parking space and still have time to compare other prices and check availability before deciding on a car park!